Galaxy s5 Camera is amazing! #vzwlife

In September I made a horrible mistake. I was charging my camera, my beloved Samsung Galaxy camera on my bed and accidently sat on it. It was my fault, I don’t know what possessed me to place it on my bed but I did and I was devastated. I need a good camera but have not taken the time to read the manual of my DSLR so it sits collecting dust. In a camera I need convenience, portability and most of all the ability to take great shots that I can share on all of my social media channels instaneously. The Samsung fit the bill but I didn’t have $400 in the budget to replace it. So whats a girl to do? I found myself admiring photos taken by my friend on his camera and on facebook another friend had a great photo posted and they both used the Samsung Galaxy s5. I was sold! I have been the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy s5 for a little over a month and I love it. I still have plans to learn how to use my DSLR but in the meantime, I am ecstatic about the shots my phone can take.  

These are just a few of the many, many photos I took on my recent trip to Beaches Turks & Caicos. I’ll be posting more soon and sharing my memories of the trip. My Verizon Galaxy s5 is my very best friend and with good reason.  As they say, a picture says 1000 words!

Disclosure: I am a Verizon Life Ambassador and am occasionally sent products to incorporate in my daily life. All opinions are my own. 


I have the Samsung Galaxy 4 and i have to say it is the best camera on a cell phone that I've ever had and I've had quite a few cell phones. It's the clearest, sharpest picture you can find on a camera.

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