Food and fun in Brooklyn!

Last week I spent an extended weekend recharging in Brooklyn. Now if you don’t know, I’m a native New Yorker. And although I’ve had to defend my New York cred on more than one occasion because I am a Long Island girl, without a doubt, I am a New Yorker through and through. My mother still lives on Long Island and I visit on average 2 times a year for vacation and work. This time however was a little different. I took a tour of Brooklyn that entailed visiting friends and family,  eating wonderful food and living my life like its golden!  As a foodie, my meals played a very major role on this trip. I stayed in the heart of East Flatbush soaking up food from the Caribbean as well as cooking some myself!

On my first day I settled in and had a quick bite of one of my favorite foods- Doubles. Doubles are a Trinidadian street food comprised of fried dough filled with channa - a chickpea curry mix. I literally could eat this every meal. A true party in my mouth but could do serious damage to my hips if I have it too frequntly! LOL!

Later that evening I visited the world famous Junior’s where the cheesecake is sublime. I am lactose intolerant so cheesecake and dairy products are not on regular rotation in my diet but I decided to take the plunge and have some pineapple cheesecake. It has literally been years since I’ve had Junior’s. And I tell you, I was NOT disappointed! This is a dense, creamy cheesecake with a pineapple puree topping. Calling it rich is an understatement. I ate it in moderation, savoring each delectable forkful in my mouth. Pure decadence but well worth the calories!

After stopping by Junior’s it was on to the Brooklyn Promenade. The Brooklyn Promenade has the most tremendous view of the Manhattan skyline and it is a must do if you are in New York. I can recall visiting the Promenade in my younger years when it was just a little walkway but now it is filled with restaurants and is an outstanding and safe park. Although this photo doesn’t really do the skyline justice, trust me it is remarkable!

The next day I ventured back downtown to take a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. It is a 1.5 miles from end to end and I not only wanted a little exercise but the view is awesome. Friday was a beautiful Fall like day with a clear blue sky and the walk was pleasant and fun. The water was exceptionally pretty and the entire experience was idyllic. One thing I noticed is that people are now starting to add locks of love at various areas on the bridge similar to what is done in Paris. 

Quite romantic....I’m thinking of investing in a booth at both ends of the Brooklyn Bridge and selling lockets! I’m quite sure add the locks are probably illegal but it is a beautiful testament of love. After a quick trip to Starbucks it was back to Brooklyn over the bridge.

My next stop was to my friend Jack from Brooklyn’s distillery where he makes Sorel. He makes a handcrafted liquor in Red Hook Brooklyn, it is outstanding! I will do a full review of his brew but I’ll let you know now that he came in second behind Cointreau for taste this year!
YES! His Sorel is serious! I went down the street for a bottle and returned to East Flatbush to rest because I had big plans for dancing the night away. I couldn’t visit New York without dancing to House Music!

Later that evening I hit Club BPM for a night of house music. Dancing commenced around midnight and continued until 4am. Literally. Dancing is absolutely my favorite form of exercise and I got it in to the tune of 18 miles worth of dancing. 

Thank you Samsung s5 for tracking my steps. I had a ball!

The next day (technically later that same day) a trip to Long Island to visit my family. A suggestion was dropped for me to make a meal that I haven’t made in a LONG time, curried shrimp. It is so simple I had to oblige. And boy was it delicious!

Curry shrimp. I made that! 

Sunday was a day of total relaxation. I donned my Giants shirt and watched my team win their first game of the season! Of course food was involved but I didn’t nosh the typical game day snacks.
I took things up a notch and enjoyed olive and salt chips with Vintage cheddar cheese, and organic fig spread. It was divine! My tastebuds still dance from the memory!

Monday I spent time catching up with friends, enjoyed pretty good Thai food and had my first taste of Jerk Chicken. Oh my. Jerk chicken. This Jamaican delight is not to be missed! I had some from Fisherman’s Cove, a takeout restaurant where on any given day you can see a line outside waiting for the jerk chicken. I have had all types of Jamaican food but recently I've introduced chicken into my diet after giving it up as a teen so this is new to me. And delicious. DELICIOUS! The taste is sweet, and grilled and spicy all in one. I’m not doing it justice in my description, just go have some! With a side of plantains and rice and peas my last meal in New York was one of the best!

I’d say my trip to New York was a success, this foodie is satiated and now have returned home to less indulgent meals....I have a trip to Turks and Caicos in three weeks, I have to fit into my bikini! Until next time, I LOVE NEW YORK!


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