Sally Hansen Miracle Gel {review}

I really like having a manicure but I don't like the cost associated with having it professionally done. In my opinion simply having a regular manicure is a waste of money because it doesn't last. If I have one I invest in a gel manicure so that I can go almost two weeks without chips. But professional gel manicures are expensive and I generally can't keep them up. So as my nails start to chip, I resort to peeling off the polish which inevitably weakens my nails and leaves me unhappy with a mess on my hands.  

I was thrilled to hear about  Sally Hansen  Miracle Gel, this at home manicure requires no UV and can be removed with regular nail polish remover. I was asked by Walmart to try it and without hesitation I said yes! Could it be that I can do an at home gel manicure that lasts up to 14 days? Well, I was determined to find out! 

First off, this line has over 45 different colors and the price point is $7.97 at Walmart. To use the system, you need one color of your choice (or more if you want to be fancy) and the top coat that seals and provides shine. Considering one gel manicure averages $25.00 here in Atlanta, this is a steal because I'll get countless manicures for under $16.00! I chose to use a metallic gold called Game of Thrones. I used two coats as instructed and let it dry before adding the top coat. This polish dries faster than regular polish and after about 5 minutes I was ready for the clear topcoat.

I also let that dry for about five minutes and was ready to go. A note about the topcoat - there is some transfer of color onto the brush but after finishing my manicure I dipped the brush in nail polish remover and wiped it on a napkin. Problem solved. I have read that people get the best results by drying nails in direct sunlight for 5 minutes but I didn't do that, I just air dried in the house.

I liked the final product and with use found the chipping to be minimal.  It started around the fourth day. This is about my usual with gel polish. I don't wear gloves when washing dishes and I take baths so my hands are often in water which contributes to chipping. It wasn't terrible and didn't warrant removing the polish.  I simply touched it up and kept things moving. I was most impressed when I painted my bedroom over the weekend and my polish stayed completely intact despite all of the hard work with my hand and removing paint from my nails.

I am quite pleased with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel and this marks the end of salon gel manicures for me! The polish is currently available in limited Walmart stores but will be available nationwide at Walmart on September 15th.


That sounds neat, I may have to try it. I also like that you do not need a UV light to "cure" this gel manicure. May have to try it when it comes out!

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