Healthy Morning Routine #wmtmoms

My son and I live a healthy and active lifestyle. Although he is only 7, my son has watched my entire progression from an inactive, obese 202 pound woman to a healthy fit mom weighing between 150-158 pounds. My overall initial weight loss was 52 pounds and I’ve maintained a healthy weight for the last 4 years. Although he doesn’t remember me at my heaviest, even at 2 he was my biggest cheerleader encouraging me to exercise and even joining in! Now he is an avid swimmer and absolutely loves running. My commitment to living healthy has rubbed off on him and he is set for life.

Walmart asked me to share some of my healthy morning routine with you and I am more than happy to oblige. We start our days off with a healthy breakfast. He absolutely loves turkey bacon so I give him Applegate Farms Natural uncured bacon. He also likes Nature Valley bars and I round it off with a Chobani Champions tube. I like to hit all the food groups! I on the other hand am content with a protein shake. I admit I am often rushing in the morning getting his breakfast and lunch together while supervising him as he prepares for school. Most mornings I simply have a protein shake and I am a long time fan of Six Star Protein Shakes ($5.98 for 4pk).

Six Star Protein shakes have 20 grams of protein, 170 calories and only 3 grams of sugar! If I have time I will add some frozen fruit and one of my favorites is Dole’s Tropical Medley with strawberries, papaya and pineapple.

I put one protein shake and a cup of the medley in my blender, blend for 1 minute or so and my breakfast is ready! When I don’t have time to pull out the blender, I simply grab a shake for breakfast on the go.

Vitamins are also a part of our morning routine. We are both big fans of gummies, I give him Disney branded multi-vitamins and fiber. At only $4.97 each I think they are a great inexpensive option. I take Spring Valley B-Complex ($3.98) and VitaFusion Women’s Multi-vitamin ($6.97). I’ve written about my vitamins before and they are a mainstay in my medicine cabinet.

The final part of my morning routine is getting my exercise on! I’ve found that when I get my exercise done in the early part of the day I am full of energy. I drop my son off at school fully dressed and ready for my morning workout - no excuses!

The new Avia activewear line at Walmart is functional, visually appealing and affordable. I am rocking a small pink Women’s performance singlet knit tank ($7.87) and medium performance capri pants ($14.86). All ready for a run, strength training or if I’m feeling really inspired....both!
As you can see, our mornings are truly reflective of our healthy lifestyle and I’m sure you can easily and affordably incorporate some of my ideas into your own morning routine.


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