Handwritten notes with Pilot Frixon Erasable Pens #wmtmoms

One of my favorite memories from when I was in school are my pens. I was constantly on the search for the “perfect pen” and was totally enamored with erasable pens. Although my days of schooling were long ago, I still am a fan of erasable pens. Walmart asked me to try the Pilot Frixon clicker pens and of course I immediately said yes! You see, my erasable pens from yesteryear were also by Pilot but they’ve come a long way.  The Pilot ball Frixon pens are gel and are available in a variety of colors and options. You can purchase the 3 pack with the basic colors - red, black and blue or the 7 pack with additional colors: purple, sky blue, green and a cherry color.

Although we are now in the digital age and e-mail, instant messaging and texting have become the norm, I still enjoy taking a pen to paper for some tasks. I’ve used the Pilot Frixon for handwritten letters. 
Yes, I do still think there is a certain beauty in utilizing snail mail and sending a note from the heart. I also like to use the pens for writing in my planner, although I’m not as organized as I would like to be, I find I do best when I write down my tasks and I love erasing them from my to do list when I’ve completed them.

My son is only 7 and he primarily utilizes pencils for his school work. But I know how much I enjoy the gliding of a pen on paper and I’ve allowed him to use the Pilot Frixon erasable pens for some of his homework. He enjoys having the option of using a pen that erases. I let him use them primarily for writing cursive - I’m so happy his school is still teaching it! Did you know that many schools are no longer teaching cursive? I know computers have a place but handwriting is important too!

I am loving the Pilot Frixon gel erasable pens, give them a try yourself or add them to your Back to School shopping list for your child. You won’t be disappointed!


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