Buzzle Ball

One of the activities that I enjoy doing with my son is challenging his young mind. We go beyond simply doing his school work, I try to incorporate learning during play time too. I've found countless ways to do this by crafting, science experiments and puzzles and logic games.  As a participant in the Walmart moms program I was asked if I wanted to try the  new Buzzle ball and I immediately said yes. Remember the Rubicks cube? Well, the Buzzle Ball kind of reminds me of one but it is a ball with sliding pieces. This is a puzzle that not only will challenge my son but challenges me too!

The Buzzle ball is a round orb with a perimeter that you can turn and slide.  When you initially remove it from the box it is necessary to scramble the puzzle. I found that initially it was a little difficult to move the pieces but I visited the Buzzle Ball website and watch a video that demonstrated the ball in action. When using the Buzzle ball be sure to have all of the pieces lined up so that they can slide. With usage I found the ball easier to use. Both my son and I tried our hand at the puzzle and although neither of us has figured out how to solve it, we've had a lot of fun trying! This game is recommended for ages 8 and up, my son is seven but still tried. After watching my son play with the Buzzle Ball I'd say the the recommendation is based on the maturity of the child. I know my son is capable of solving it but his patience level is not high. He wants to be able to solve things immediately and has to be coached to understand that puzzles may take longer than 10 minutes to solve. When he sees that the puzzle challenges me too it helps him to understand that sometimes puzzles take longer than one sitting to solve.

I really enjoy playing with the Buzzle ball and am personally determined to solve it. If you and/or your children enjoy puzzles, I think the Buzzle Ball is for you!


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