BTS Craft - Pencil Holder

Preparations for back to school are in full swing. Here in Atlanta we are in our third week of school but I am still doing everything I can to ensure my son has a spectacular year. One of the things that I do with him is supervise his homework. And on a daily basis I am frustrated because without fail my son is unable to locate a pencil.  Or the pencil needs to be sharpened and he is unable to locate the sharpener. I have reminded him to keep a pencil in his binder to no avail. Rather than raise my blood pressure, I decided to take things into my own hands with a simple craft that will alleviate all of my frustration. I made a pencil holder. It is big enough to hold multiple pencils, pens and even a sharpener! I think it is cute too!

The pencil holder is made from a coffee can, pencils and some glue. The type of glue you use is up to you but in this instance I decided to use super glue. I am sure that a glue gun will work too but until I was home gluing it did not occur to me to try it. I had great results with the Loctite super glue and at a price point of $1.97 for two tubes. After completing this craft I still have enough left for other household needs.

If you are a coffee drinker this craft is right up your alley because you are likely to have cans of ground coffee that you can use. If not, you can follow my lead and purchase a small container, transfer the grounds to a ziplock bag and freeze. Use it at will or give it to a friend who is a coffee drinker.  For my project I used Great Value Coffee $2.98.

Finally I used pencils, lots and lots of pencils! I chose Dixon 20 ct for $.97 a box. I ended up using 2 full boxes and about 4 or 5 from the third box. I put the rest of the pencils in my new pencil holder for safe keeping! I also added some Pilot erasable pens and a pencil sharpener. My son will never be without a writing tool again!

What you need:
1 coffee can
45-50 pencils

Remove coffee from can and peel label if you like (The can ends up completely covered so you can probably skip this step.}
Glue pencils to can, eraser pointing up all around until the can is totally covered.
Enjoy your new pencil/pen holder! 


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