Back to School Apparel at Walmart #wmtmoms

Back to school season is in full swing. My son has been in school for three weeks already - we start early in the South. I chalk it up to hot summers that feel like you are living somewhere in the midst of Dante’s inferno. Being a native New Yorker, I know that kids in my hometown will be starting school next week. I really enjoy shopping for school clothes. It was always a right of passage for me, a new year, a new opportunity and new clothes. I love clothes! My mom helped form my personal style and as a child I not only looked older than most kids but I dressed like a business professional. I don’t think I ever wore pants in elementary school and in 6th grade I was mistaken for a teacher assistant.

My height and dress contributed to my looking older but by the time I entered high school all of my friends had caught up with me. By the time I hit college I fit right into the crowd and when I graduated people always thought I looked younger than my years. It is a blessing. To this day I can easily pass for 10 years my junior and for that I am grateful. But what does this have to do with back to school? Well, I remember my mom’s influence on my style and I hope to have a similar influence on my son.

It is a bit more difficult because quite frankly style for boys is no where near what is available for girls but there are some options out there. So, I took a trip to Walmart to see what I could get for my son on a budget. You might be surprised to learn that Walmart has a myriad of options in children’s clothing. Not only are there options but they are on point for style and the clothes have a guarantee which means if I am not satisfied I can return it! Yes!

I have yet to be disappointed by Walmart clothing and this year was no different. With a budget of $15.00 I was able to find a very nice outfit for my son. The licensed merchandise Walmart carries has been a staple in my household because it is reasonably priced and my son gets to wear his favorite comic/movie characters. This time I focused on Spider man. I purchased this spiderman top for $8.00 and the shorts were $6.96. The shorts are by And1 look quite good and durable.

My son couldn’t resist modeling his new outfit so I made this video, replete with a spiderman backpack which is available at Walmart for $6.00. Check him out.

So if you are looking for back to school apparel I suggest you check out Walmart. I’m pretty sure you will be surprised by the selection of reasonably priced, durable clothes available!


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