AT&T Go Phone

If my memory isn't failing me I believe I owned a smartphone shortly after they came on the market. I've been a tireless user of the technology for years and have pretty much always had a contract with a phone carrier. My mom on the other hand has never really been up on technology and has yet to own a smartphone. She does have a cellphone but barely uses it and since I want to bring her up to 2014, I think she'd appreciate the At&T Go phone

Walmart provided me with the opportunity to try out the service and after using it, I am a believer in a Go Phone for people like my mom who don't want a contract, young people whose parents want to give a phone but keep things in budget and people like me who travels Internationally but still wants to stay in touch with friends at home without incurring astronomical charges.

I was was sent an HTC Desire 610 android phone. It is lightweight, sleek and feels great in my hands. It retails at Walmart for $199.99 but there are different Android and Windows smartphones available starting at $48.83. I really like the AT&T Go Phone plan offered exclusively at Walmart. For $45 monthly you get unlimited talk, text and 1 GB of data on the 4G LTE network. And the unlimited texting includes over 100 countries. The phone can also be used as a Wifi hotspot for your computer, laptop, tablet or other phones. I think this is a great deal and if I didn't use so much data for work I'd probably just switch to a Go Phone!

The setup process for the phone was easy. It comes with a SIM card that you can easily insert, you activate the phone and it is ready to go! I think the major appeal for me and other parents is the unlimited texting especially for teenagers. My son is not old enough for a phone yet but I certainly would get him on a Go Phone plan if he was ready.

Overall, I like the variety of phones available, the exclusive plan at Walmart and of course the International texting and wifi capability. I plan on gifting my mom with this phone and I'm quite sure she will be pleased! 


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