A Promise Kept

Over the past few weeks on facebook I’ve seen several of my friends participating in the 7 days of gratitude. On a daily basis they post 3 things they are grateful for and invite friends to do the same. This week I was invited to chime in. It is a perfect for me because each morning I can reflect on things large and small that I am grateful for and today I am grateful because of the efforts JOHNSON’s Baby has made to meet the needs of parents everywhere by changing the formulation of several of their products at the bequest of consumers.

Beyond the reformulation, I am extraordinarily moved by their video “Our Safety Promise” which I’ve posted above.   In the video it discusses their commitment to our children and really their commitment to us. And beyond the new formulas, to physically signify this commitment the employees, family and friends created 1000 Japanese origami cranes representing “A hope granted and a promise fulfilled.”  Simply beautiful!

When I look at the physical beauty of the cranes and the sentiments written on each one by its creator, I can’t help but think of my son. My son who truly was a hope granted. I know that every birth is a miracle but before my son was conceived there were questions about my fertility. My greatest hope was not only would I be able to have a baby but that he would arrive happy and healthy. There were no guarantees because my pregnancy was not an easy one with multiple visits to the hospital and weekly sighs of relief when he stayed in my womb and didn’t make a premature appearance.

My hope was fulfilled when he was born at 38 weeks. Of course it was love at first sight and in that moment I vowed to give my all to ensure that he will be loved beyond measure and live a happy and fulfilled life.  I continue to maintain that promise to him. My efforts may not always be appreciated, he is still a young boy and has no idea about the sacrifices made for him but I know that one day he will look back on it all and recognize that he means the world to me and I have and will do everything in my power to fulfill my promises to him.

I’d like to believe that the makers of JOHNSON’s baby feel that same love for their children and by making products that are safe for our children keep that love in mind. JOHNSON’S baby I applaud your efforts to keep your promise to us!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


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