Walmart Savings Catcher save money no coupons needed

Have you heard about Walmart's new Savings Catcher? I absolutely LOVE it. And as a Walmart mom living in Atlanta (where it is in beta but will be available nationwide August 4, 2014) I was asked to try it and also produce the videos explaining the process. You can check them out below. 

I know not everyone is a fan of video so let me explain Savings Catcher to you. Savings Catcher provides you with an opportunity to save even more money by shopping at Walmart without having to check advertisements and comparison shop at other retailers. Savings Catcher does this for you. Once you make purchases at Walmart, you can either scan your reciept or enter it on the Savings Catcher website. Here is a screenshot of what the dashboard looks like once you log in. 

As you can see, I already have $3.89 on an eGift Card that I can use when I shop at Walmart in the future. I've been saving my money to use it when I want a little something extra. Here are the easy steps: 

  • Go to, or the Walmart app.
  • Enter the receipt number located near the bottom of a Walmart receipt.
  • Enter the date of the shopping trip.
  • Savings Catcher looks at the eligible items purchased at Walmart and then compares the price paid to the advertised prices in the weekly print ads of major local retailers.
  • If Savings Catcher finds an advertised price that is lower than what was paid for the same exact item at Walmart, customers will receive a Walmart eGift Card for the difference.

If there are lower advertised competitor prices, within 72 hours you will receive an email that provides you with a link to see your savings. You can redeem your eGiftcard at anytime, I used my first one right at the register from my phone. Simple! 

When you scroll down on the dashboard you can view past receipts and the details as in the photo above. Since I am not a comparison shopped, Walmart Savings Catcher is amazing. I don't have to worry about getting the lowest advertised price! When you do have savings, it lets you know which retailer has a lower advertised price. 

If you have use iOs or android you can download the Walmart app and scan your receipt.  Since I use a Windows phone, I enter my receipts on the website directly but it is so simple I generally do it before I leave the store. 

Walmart Savings Catcher will be available nationwide on August 4th and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND USING IT! Can you tell I'm excited? I've been telling everyone about it! 


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