Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Polish

During the summer I really like to have both a pedicure and a manicure. I have the tendency to lean toward bold and bright colors because they match my personality! So it should come as no surprise that I was attracted to the range of 29 colors in the Sally Hansen Triple Shine nail polish collection that is available at Walmart. I was sent a few of colors and they are absolutely beautiful. The colors are available in three categories - iridescent, pop and glitter. Prior to having samples sent to me, I purchased Play Koi, an orange pop color which I love.

The colors in this collection are fun and vibrant. One of the best aspects of this polish is that it is waterproof. It has the exclusive Ultimate Shield which protects from washing, sports and daily wear. I can say that this polish did remain intact for several days with no chips despite my dishwashing and other household duties. One thing I will note is that I think because of the staying power, this polish (in my experience with Play Koi) may stain your natural nail. I highly recommend using a base coat before painting your nails when you use this polish.

I cannot wait to try out more of these awesome colors and play around with accent nails and maybe even some nail art. The Triple Shine polish is available for $4.57 and is available in store and online at Walmart. I think this is a great price because I can mix and match colors and do multiple manicures at a fraction of the cost at a nail salon.


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