Outdoor entertaining with Walmart! #wmtmoms

One of the things that I enjoy about the summer is the beautiful weather. If I am completely honest, I will say that I only entertain outside when the sun sets. But I have a wonderful outdoor space to do that in.

I am enamored with my patio set from Walmart. I’ve had it for several years but I usually update it annually with new pillows and a new rug. I am so bad about taking up my rug during the winter months and by the time spring and summer roll around it it ruined! Luckily for me, the rugs I like I usually find on clearance or rollout so I spent $50 or less on my rugs! 

And because I like entertaining so much, I found the perfect compliment for my relaxing days enjoying my patio. This Aladin large mason jar dispenser ($7.00) and matching stemless wineglasses($5.00). 

In this instance I decided to make sun tea instead of enjoying the glasses with wine. I simply placed my favorite tea from Teavana in teabags and let the tea steep outside in the sun for four hours. My tea and these glasses, simply can't be beat!

 And in addition to my patio set, I really love listening to music on Xtreme Mac Tango TRX wireless speaker that I purchased from Walmart a few years back. 

The sound is absolutely amazing and although I’m sure technology has progressed since I purchased it, I think it is the best $100 I’ve ever spent (but it is now $89.99 so score for you if you purchase it!). I use my speaker both indoors and outdoors and the sound fills my home. And although it is made specifically for an iPhone, because it is wireless I am able to stream music from my current Windows phone or my computer!

When I visited Walmart headquarters in June, I loved the outdoor furniture. I am however completely satisfied with my current set up. I’ve had it for four years and it is still going strong. It is from Walmart’s Better Homes and Garden line and I can tell you from experience, this line is exceptional. I keep the actual furniture outside all year long, in all of the elements and it is still in prime condition! You may remember that I have a deck 

and I stained it myself with products from Walmart. The deck is off of my bedroom and despite the beauty of the space, I haven’t done anything with it.

For awhile I’ve had my eye on a bed recliner ($298) for my outdoor living space. 

I saw this one on my visit to Bentonville and I fell in love! I love hanging out on my deck at night and this is perfect. Since Atlanta weather is so nice even into the fall, I’m keeping my eye on it for a rollback so I can finally have an area to relax on my deck and enjoy the deck at night. At some point I will also add an umbrella so I can enjoy it during the day too. It is too hot in Atlanta to sit on the deck in the direct sunlight! After talking to the BHG representative in Bentonville, I know that I can assemble it by myself and it is sturdy!

I’ve found that no matter what you are looking for, Walmart has something to meet your needs for outdoor entertaining! I’m looking forward to updating my deck and who knows?  I may even add a rug and some plants to complete the look on my deck!


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