Nectarine Greek Yogurt {recipe}

I am a great lover of fruit but I have a few that are my favorites. I count nectarines among them. It is so funny because Walmart asked me and my fellow Walmart moms to highlight a stone fruit and my first thought was peaches. I was considering revisiting my cobbler recipe from last year but wasn’t that inspired. When I was out shopping with my son and asked him what types of fruit he wanted, he immediately said nectarines ($2.98/pound). I proceeded to check out the selection and was less than thrilled. However, I had a great customer service experience because an associate said she was going to put out new fruit and would get some for me.
She returned shortly with nectarines that she was going to be restocking and replacing the batch that I saw. Just one more opportunity to ensure that the store was living up to the 100% freshness guarantee and I was quite grateful. With a large selection I was able to choose nectarines that were appropriate for me. I selected a few ripe fruits which are fragrant and give slightly when touched.  I also chose some unripe fruit which I leave out on the counter for 2-3 days. Once ripe, nectarines are able to stay fresh in a bag in the refrigerator for up to five days.

I give my son nectarines for his camp lunch box but also for generally snacking around the house. His favorite way to enjoy nectarines is as nature intended, taking a bite and enjoying it. I too like my nectarines this way, by my favorite way to prepare them is for breakfast. My best friend taught me to make yogurt with nectarines many years ago when we were in college and I still enjoy it to this day.  

The premise is simple instead of buying flavored fruit yogurt, use fresh ingredients for a healthy and nutritious breakfast or snack. To ensure I am getting protein, I use Greek Yogurt, my personal favorite is Chobani plain because it is packed with protein 15 grams per serving. 

But you can also use vanilla Greek yogurt or just plain yogurt if you like.
I cut up the nectarine in pieces and add it to my yogurt. Finally, I will top it with granola but this is just to add a bit more sweetness, sometimes I just eat the yogurt and fruit alone.

That is it! A simple recipe that highlights nectarines and tastes absolutely delicious!

Nectarine Greek Yogurt

1 ripe nectarine
1 cup of Greek Yogurt
1 tablespoon granola

Cut nectarine into pieces.
Place nectarine and yogurt in bowl.
Top with granola if desired.

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