Motorola Slim Pack 4000 mobile charger

My phone is the lifeline of my business. I use to keep up with social media, write posts and take pictures when I am on the go. It is essential to me when I attend events and run races that I want to share with my friends, family and people who read my blog. However, when I have heavy usage of my phone, I inevitably use up the battery fairly quickly. To ensure that I don’t run out of juice on my devices at any time, Verizon sent me the Motorola Slim Pack 4000 mobile charger. I absolutely LOVE it!

It lives up to its name and is extraodinarily slim and small. I can throw it into my purse and be confident that my devices will not run out of battery.  When I carry the Slim Pack 4000, I know I have two full chargers for my phone and/or camera that I carry when I want to take better photos and upload them immediately.  I put my Slim Pack 4000 to the test several times.

When I attended the 20th Annual Essence music festival in New Orleans, I kept my Slim Pack on me at all times. I was able to record video, upload photos to my various social media channels and stay connected to WiFi without worrying about my battery life. And even if my phone and camera were both low on battery, I could charge them at the very same time.

When I visited New York for the Blogger Bash conference, I once again was not let down by my Slim Pack 4000. I took tons of pictures, uploaded them and was using WiFi without a care in the world. I have never used a mobile charger device that I was more happy with!
If you want to be sure to keep to extra charges for your mobile devices without taking up much space in your bag or be  bulky when you are charging devices, I highly recommend the Motorola Slim Pack 4000.

Disclosure: I am a Verizon Life ambassador and was sent this product to try out. All opinions are own.


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