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In my house we love smoothies but quite frankly, sometimes I just don’t feel like cleaning up the inevitable mess associated with making them. Cutting fruit, veggies and cleaning the blender, not always what I want to do. So, imagine my surprise when I learned about Dole’s Nutrition Plus Fruit and Veggie Shakers Power smoothies! These self-contained smoothies are found in the freezer aisle and all you have to do is add juice and shake them! This is the best of all worlds for me, veggies and fruit for my picky eater, no blending and no clean up!

These pack a powerful punch of fruit and include both veggies and greek yogurt. The best part? My son doesn’t know just how nutritious this is and since it tastes like fruit he won’t turn his nose up about drinking it! Each Shaker has less than 200 hundred calories when prepared with juice and this is a great snack or addition to a meal.

The Dole Nutrition Plus Fruit Veggie Shakers are available in three flavors:

    • Blueberry Banana with Red Beet (Blue POWER) Shakers
      • Boosts:
        • 100% DV of vitamins B6 & B12
        • 100% DV of folic acid
        • 5 grams of protein
    • Pineapple Mango with Sweet Potato and Carrot (Yellow POWER) Shakers
      • Boosts:
        • 100% DV of vitamin C
        • A good source of vitamins A & E
        • 5 grams of protein
    • Strawberry Raspberry with Red Beat and Purple Carrot (Red POWER) Shakers
      • Boosts:
        • 100% DV of vitamin A
        • 100% DV of vitamin E
        • 5 grams of protein

DOLE Nutrition Plus Fruit & Veggie Shakers POWER Smoothies packages are colored by the wholesomeness of fruits and veggies found inside – making it easy to recognize which fruits and veggies are in each one. Because it’s important to add a variety of color to one’s diet, Dole makes it easy with Red POWER, Blue POWER and Yellow POWER Shakers!

I love the simplicity of the Power Smoothies. They are quick and easy to grab when I am on the run and if I want to add some extra protein and make this a meal instead of a snack I add protein powder and almond milk instead of juice. I love that I can still get in my fruits and veggies for both me and my son with no mess! These are going to be on regular rotation in my house and at $2.19 each, they are certainly quite affordable! 

Disclosure: I am member of the Mom It Forward Network and I am being compensated for this post by Dole. All opinions are my own.


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