DIY First Aid Kit

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love the summer. If you had a peek at my closet, you would see that I love flowing summer dresses, tank tops and sandals. My skin enjoys being sun-kissed and bronzed during the hot days of summer. My son also loves the warm days that are common now and unfortunately the only downside for both of us is that we have sweet blood. Okay, I may have made that up but I know that mosquitos love us and I have to be sure to keep some things on hand to deal with the inevitable bites that happen during the warmer months.

When asked by Walmart to devise my summer first aid kit, I knew exactly what I needed. I started with a pencil box ($.97) to keep my essentials in because I frequently buy supplies, store them in a closet and never can find what I need when I need it! The pencil box will keep everything together and on hand. I mentioned that our blood is sweet which means that bites come with the territory in my household.

To keep down the itching and scratching, I purchased kids After bite ($3.97) for my son and Equate’s hydrocortisone cream ($2.22) for me. Hydrocortisone is something I need to keep on hand for myself generally because I am prone to having allergic reactions that make me itch like crazy!  My son will be running like crazy and I know he will scrape himself up. To make sure that his cuts and scrapes don’t get infected, I like to keep Equate’s antibiotic cream ($2.36) handy. And I want to cover up his minor injuries so Band-Aid Brand’s Doc MacStuffins bandages($2.78) in assorted sizes are both cute and functional.

With summer upon us, it is a good time to go through the medicine cabinet and throw away old and expired medications. You can make a very affordable medicine kit like I did for under $13.00 at Walmart! You can also find some ideas for additions to your own kit at Walmart.

Tell me, what are the essentials for your family’s first aid kit?


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