Best Father's Day Gift {DIY Kids Craft}

Father’s Day is coming quickly and I know that often dads feel like they get the short end of the stick on their special day. This year I decided to forgo buying my son’s father a tie, books or music (my go to gifts) and do something special that he can cherish for a lifetime. Since it is summertime and I am always looking for fun things to do with my son, crafting a gift seemed perfect. Although I enjoy doing crafts, I am not always very creative so I searched far and wide (if you consider Pinterest and google far and wide) to find the perfect gift.

Lo and behold on my friend Kathleen’s blog, I found a sun craft. I like the play on words - son and sun and the fact that we used my son’s handprint to make it. It is pretty simple to make and I purchased all the items used at Walmart. 

The great thing is that I had everything already on hand because I had the construction paper, glue and glitter in my craft drawer. Finding an orange plate was a bit of a surprise and fits the concept perfectly.

To start we traced my son’s hand. I let him cut out the hand and I used it as a template for the rest of the hands. I folded orange and yellow paper, traced and cut out multiple hands for the sun rays. 

I then traced the plate so that I could make a yellow insert for the center. Next I let him glue the hands to the plate. While he was doing that, I wrote the words “You are my sunshine” Dad and drew the heart. While the hands were drying on the plate, I outlined the letters and heart with glue and let my son sprinkle the glitter. This was his favorite part of the entire craft.

I let everything dry for about an hour before gluing the circle to the center of the plate. I let this dry. And that was it. A pretty simple craft but I absolutely love the outcome. My son had a hand (pun intended) in making it and I truly believe the best gifts are those made with love.

My son is so excited about the present that he wanted to give it to his dad early. I convinced him to wait until Father’s Day and I am just hoping that he doesn’t let the cat out of the bag before then!

This is an excellent craft and gift keepsake that can certainly last a lifetime.


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