100 Good Deeds Bracelet #1GD

When I first heard about the 100 Good Deeds bracelet I was immediately intrigued. It is a brilliant idea conceived by Mary Fisher. Mary is an activist and author. She spent a decade working with women in African nations, designing jewelry that they could sell to make a sustainable income. She conceived the 100 Good Deeds bracelet after speaking to Thomas Morgan who conceived the 100 Good Deeds game he plays with the family. In the game, you do a good deed for someone and don’t tell anyone about it. You keep track of the good deeds and the winner (although, really, every one wins) is the person who gets to 100 first. Mary developed the bracelet as a way to track the 100 Good Deeds and to empower women in Haiti, Uganda, Ruwanda, Zambia and South Africa.

The bracelets are handmade from fine nylon wire and glass beads. When you wear one, it serves as a reminder to assist others in need.  There are so many beautiful options for this bracelet, I love the colors and variety. To wear the bracelet, you wrap it around your wrist three times and adjust it by sliding the knot on the cord. Each time you do a good deed, you slide the black rubber ring closer to the 1GD button. Once you reach it, you’ve reached your goal and the bracelet serves as a reminder. The aspect that I love about this jewelry is  with the purchase of this bracelet, you are also helping a woman in need gain an income.  

You can see the variations and purchase a bracelet on the 1GD website. And you also have a chance to win a bracelet too! Simply send a tweet sharing a good deed someone else has done for you, mention @The1GDbracelet, use hashtag #1GD and include the link to my blog post. 15 winners will be chosen from all of the twitter entries. Look out for a tweet from @beEverywhere if your entry is chosen to win! Good Luck!

Disclosure: I received a 1GD bracelet for spreading the word and as usual, all opinions expressed are my own.


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