Wild Oats affordable organic foods at Walmart

I am a lover of good food and as you know I am working on having my best body ever. Because I want to fuel my body with the best possible produce, meat and fish I am constantly on the lookout for good deals on healthy and organic foods. I admit that sometimes I simply must pass up on some items because they are cost prohibitive. I have to say I have become quite enamored with retailers that provide healthy alternatives at reasonable prices. And I’m happy to say that Walmart has joined that club! Walmart has started carrying the Wild Oats organic food brand. This brand is a range of items from spices to broth, applesauce and even skillet meals.

In all, Walmart and Wild Oats are introducing 100 items at a price point that saves 25% or more when compared to national organic brands. I love that this is happening because it will make purchasing organic products more feasible for a larger number of people. In an internal study it was found that 91 percent of Walmart shoppers would consider purchasing products from an affordable organic brand if it were offered.

The Wild Oats brand has three components:

  • Wild Oats Marketplace Organic which adheres to the FDA guidelines for organic foods and comprises about 90 percent of the line.

  • Wild Oats Marketplace which includes products with simple and real ingredients like the ready to prepare skillet meals and

  • Wild Oats Marketplace Originals which will be launching later this year.

The price points are actually quite encouraging. Check out the table below to see comparisons. 

I personally am looking forward to checking out canned tomatoes, I have those as a staple in my cupboard and use them for everything from adding some zing to fish and making chilli.
The items available at each store will vary and later this year Wild Oats will be available at walmart.com. If you have been looking for affordable organic options, be sure to check out the Wild Oats brand at your local Walmart. Let me know if you like it!


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