Spring Flowers

Although we occasionally have temps that are below normal, I think it is safe to say that Spring has officially arrived here in Atlanta. I am so thankful! That Polar Vortex was a bugaboo and despite the high pollen count, I am not complaining about the beautiful weather we’ve been enjoying lately. My only hope is that it remains consistent! For me, Spring is all about beautiful weather (before the sweltering heat of the summer months) and flowers. I love to see the tulips and daffodils, and of course the lilies. I however know my own limitations and am not trying to grow any of those glorious flowers in my garden. As a matter of fact, the only garden I have ever had was to grow food which to my delight actually worked! I have no green thumb but I still have my garden box and I might just do some planting again this year. But I digress, Spring means flowers and I can manage a few flowers in the pot I received from Walmart last year.

I have grown very tired of seeing the dead remnants of last year’s annuals at my door so it is time to spruce things up around here with some color. I went to Walmart’s Garden Center where I knew I’d find a great variety of flowers. Sadly, I was unable to find a matching planter for the Better Homes and Gardens one I already own. I purchased flowers for my solo pot and hope to find something similar in the future.  After looking at the extensive displays of flowers (which were actually kind of overwhelming because I really know nothing about flowers), I decided that I’d go with Snapdragons, Petunias and Candytufts which were each under $3.00.

I took my flowers home and potted them. I guess I was a bit overambitious because I purchased more flowers than I had room for. I am going to have to take a trip back and find something to put my additional flowers in. When my son got home from school he was very excited.

He is my trusty helper, his job is to water the flowers after school. This is something that he looks forward to every day.
I am so happy with these flowers that I actually might plant a garden with bulbs for next spring! I figure it can’t hurt to try and something will take hold. I hope, I wish. In the meantime, I plan on enjoying my colorful entryway!


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