Spring Cleaning and helping others

I am so happy! Spring is finally here. I spent part of this weekend on a retreat enjoying beautiful days in the crisp mountain air of the Georgia mountains and on Sunday I walked around at the Inman Park festival enjoying lovely weather, art and the company of my friends. While Spring brings with it more outdoor activity, great weather and beautiful foliage, it is also the time for Spring cleaning. I must admit it is something I dread because somehow, during the winter months it seems as if my clothing multiplies and I cannot see the floor of my closet!

This indicates a time for cleaning and is also a great opportunity for me to make clean out the closet and donate to Goodwill. The things that no longer can find a home here with me can go to the next owner and at the same time make a serious difference in the lives of others. You see, when things are sold at Goodwill, the money is utilized for job training which provides individuals with skills needed to obtain jobs. This is a wonderful motivator for me to get to cleaning! Here is a public service announcement about Goodwill and job creation.

My personal mission this week is to get my closet cleaned out. My son’s closet is already done and his old clothes are packed up and ready to be donated to Goodwill. 

After tackling my own closet, I plan on working on my office and my garage. It is long past time to get myself in order and knowledge that doing so will not only help my mental space but directly help others, is motivating!

I hope that you join me in Spring cleaning, donate to Goodwill and have the knowledge that just by doing this simple act you are helping to provide job training and creating jobs!

Disclosure: This post was made possible through the support of Goodwill. All opinions are my own.


Anonymous said…
I was so pleased with myself this year that I actually finished spring cleaning - the first time ever!!! I did some donating and I bit of giving away - I do purge on a fairly continued basis and I am really against and hate excess so I didn't have a pile of extra stuff, but just having everything cleaned and neat is awesome!!

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