My new Nokia Icon

I am still enamored with Windows and this “smart phone” because quite frankly it is smart! When I turned on the phone I simply had to input my facebook log in and I was ready to go. The same for google and twitter. In minutes my phone had the apps that I use most at my fingertips. My facebook and google calendar are synched and I just had to download InstaGram because I can’t share my life without it!

The tiles on the homescreen are my BFFs I can resize them to my liking but with the screen on the Icon being noticeably larger than my original one, I can see all of the tiles quite easily. And that, it truly my favorite aspect of the phone. I can see EVERYTHING! As I get older my reading vision is a little challenged. Being able to see and read everything on my phone without glasses or enlarging the type is a major plus for me. Plus the screen is simply beautiful.

Although I haven’t had the chance to play around and take tons of pictures yet, I am looking forward to using the 20 mega pixel camera. I love that the Icon has a tutorial that will help me learn all about the aspects of the camera from different lens to changing the settings. I also plan on continuing to use my favorite photo editing app phototastic to enhance my photos.

I am very excited about my phone but she is my baby and I keep it close to home because I need to protect her and I don’t have a case yet. My phone always accompanies me to the gym, I listen to Pandora during my workouts. But I have a tendency to drop my phone so I’m keeping her safe and sound until my case arrives! Then she will be ready for action!


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