Luxury skincare products from Walmart

I am on a constant search for skincare products that are both affordable and work well with my skin. As a Walmart mom, I was informed that the Walmart line, Equate now has skincare line that is comparable to Clinique. I was sent several of the products including: Mild Liquid Facial Soap, Clarifying Toner, Precision Focus Wrinkle serum, Ultimate Dark spot corrector and Strikingly Unique moisturizer. I have combination skin and all of these products are appropriate for my skin type.

For the past few weeks I have used all of the products and can tell you about my experience. I’ll start with the Mild Liquid Facial Soap. The soap was non-drying and after washing my face it felt clean and refreshed. When I am choosing a soap it is important to me that it doesn’t dry me out because I have acne prone skin. With acne prone skin, contrary to popular believe, you actually want to keep your skin quite moisturized. I followed with the clarifying toner. 

I wear makeup on a daily basis so using a toner is essential to me. Similar to my facial soap, it is important that my toner is not drying. When I applied the Clarifying toner to my face, I immediately recognized the scent of Witch Hazel, a natural astringent. I love that because in many instances I simply use Witch Hazel as a toner and because it was included in this product I trusted it. After several swipes with the toner, my cottonball was clean. 

Next up, I used the Precision Focus Wrinkle serum. I have recently developed dark circles under my eyes which is quite unnerving because I’ve never had this problem in the past. I am quite sure it was caused by acne medication that I stopped using when I noticed the problem. Despite having stopped using the medication, the circles persist so I am using the Wrinkle serum to reinvigorate my skin and hopefully get rid of the circles. The serum feels nice going on and I use it nightly. I am looking forward to seeing some improvement in the skin under my eyes. 

I also have acne scars and since I am unable to afford the costly medication prescribed by my dermatologist, the Ultimate Dark Spot corrector is right on time. I cannot speak to the efficacy of the product because as with all lighteners it takes at least 4 weeks to see visible improvement. 

And finally I apply the Strikingly Unique moisturizer. I am in love with this product! It clearly provides my skin with deep moisture and feels great going on. My overall experience thus far with the Equate beauty line has been a good one and I’m hopeful that my undereye circles and dark spots soon are non-existent! 


Anonymous said…
Hello there I was wondering how the equate products worked out? I am a mom in a budget & am all about the best for less lol so I am interested on your honest opinion please.... Thank you :)

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