I love meat!

My lunch today. Turkey BLT and Asian salad. My first BLT in years! 

Recently I discovered something I never knew about myself, I love meat. Now, this is truly a revelation because for about a quarter of a century I haven’t eaten meat other than fish and seafood. No poultry, no beef, no pork for about 25 years! But since I am on a journey to having my best body ever (and really wanting to eat some buffalo wings which don’t help my journey but are delicious! LOL) I decided that I needed more protein. Of course I’ve been eating fish and vegetable protein but quite frankly trying to keep up with at least 160 grams of protein from fish and veggies becomes very expensive.

I decided that adding poultry to my diet would help keep my costs down a bit and also give me more variety for my protein sources.  I admit I was slightly fearful about adding poultry because I didn’t know if it would have any adverse effects on my body because it has been so long since I processed it. I am pleased to report that I haven’t had any issues - with the exception of my body chemistry changing. I used to be able to go for days without using deodorant but now I can’t do that, my scent has changed and become stronger.

For me this is a minor inconvenience because I am really enjoying turkey! I have been noshing on Jennie-O turkey burgers and today I made my first BLT! I have also made grilled lean turkey breast cutlets and those too are also delicious. It has only been a week but I’m finding that I enjoy poultry. I am still on a search for the best wings in town and will cook my own chicken once I make a trip to the Farmers Market to pick up some organic chicken at a reasonable price.

Oh the joys of poultry and protein! Do you have any suggestions for protein rich recipes for me to try?


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