Spring Break Craft Lava Lamp

Spring break is fast approaching and to be honest with you I can’t wait! This winter has been brutal and presumably once next month rolls around the weather will have broken and we can enjoy some warmth and sunshine. Having my kiddo home with me for a week means that I will have to be creative and ensure that he is entertained during his time off from school. I was pleasantly surprised when I searched and found a great activity that once again combined science and fun that I knew my son would enjoy. The concept is simple a faux lava lamp. Although it does not have any light, it is kinda explosive! This is a craft that if your child is anything like mine, can lead to hours of entertainment. And most of the items can be found in your kitchen or like me you can make a quick run to Walmart (the sponsor of this post) because I don’t keep Antacid on hand!

To start, you’ll need a bottle or other container, I used an old water bottle. I filled it a little over halfway with oil. I just used some vegetable oil I had in the pantry.

Next I added water filling it almost to the top.

My son added 10 drops of food coloring in his favorite color, purple.

And the final piece was an antacid broken into four pieces. Have your child drop one of the pieces in the water and wait for the magic to happen!

I cannot begin to tell you how much my son loved doing this. He literally could have watched the bubbles for hours but we didn’t want to use up all of the fuzzies! You can bet that I’ll be taking a trip back to the store so that I have enough for him to play with his “lava lamp” to his hearts delight!

This is one of the most fun, economical educational crafts that we have done and it will be providing a ton of entertainment during Spring break and beyond! I just kept that top and closed it when not in use. Easy and fun!


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