My birthday celebration!

So, I am generally a low key birthday person. And it is not because I don’t like birthdays. I actually LOVE my birthday. But quite frankly my birthday really hasn’t been celebrated unless I come up with something and the last time I did was two years back when I ran 3 half-marathons in a two week period. That was amazing and I got to be a Disney Princess on my actual birthday and partied hard in New Orleans the following week after my final and fastest half-marathon to date.

This year and last year I did no planning at all. I kinda mentioned it as an after thought during a conversation with my very good girlfriend Amy and she immediately said “we are going out!” So I had weekend plans set. I asked my mom if she’d take me to dinner at a restaurant I’ve been looking forward to trying out and she agreed. So on my actual birthday, last Wednesday February 26th, I celebrated by doing an excellent workout and had dinner with my mom.

My workout as usual was awesome with my trainer Elle Starr. I felt quite accomplished during my weigh-in when I learned I am now down 8 pounds. In three weeks, ya’ll! I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about finally getting the body of my dreams and I know it is likely to take the rest of the year to get it but I am motivated and determined so please stay tuned!

In the evening my mom and I went to Float Away Cafe. It was awesome. I treated myself to a piece of sourdough bread, I’m not a big bread eater but the bread from Star Provisions is amazing and I had to have it! We also shared a crab ball the best way to describe it is a crab cake full of lump crab meat the shape and size of a baseball. And for my meal I had pan fried trout with asparagus which was perfectly prepared. 

I enjoyed a prosecco drink and for dessert I had this outstanding toffee cake topped with ice cream. Just the right size. Yum!

The restaurant gave me a lighted cupcake for my birthday which was a nice touch and I saved it for the next day.

On Saturday my friends Amy and Shawn took me out. I dressed all the way up for the occasion I figured my birthday is only once a year so why not? 

We had a ball! I was only planning on dinner and drinks but they had other ideas. The evening culminated in dancing. I admit I protested because my feet hurt in my heels but I took a few Tylenol and walked on down the street. When I entered the party and heard the music my protesting ended and I danced the night away. So much dancing was involved that according to my Jawbone UP I danced for over 6 miles. 6 MILES! In heels that were pinching my toes! But I did it and it was fun.

On Sunday my family and my friend Calinda’s family headed to the UniverSoul Circus. It was so much fun. I will tell you that it was a value for money we were in there for over 2 hours and it was never boring. It was my first time but it won’t be my last!

Overall I will say for a pretty impromptu birthday celebration I had an absolutely amazing time!


Ruby said…
What a wonderful celebration I need to start dancing 6 miles GO GIRL!!!
Looks like you had an amazing time.

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