I am still on the journey to my best body ever. And I have to say it isn’t easy. In reality I quite enjoy having a destination to go to every morning after I drop off my son at school. Despite the traffic and the long distance, hitting the gym gives me something to look forward to and makes me happy. Quite frankly in the midst of it I am not smiling, not happy but I am determined to get it done. And as day by day my body gets stronger and healthier I feel accomplished when my workout is done. I truly am focused and spend many hours researching the best food, nutrition and workout tips for my body.

Because I like instant gratification, I am sometimes a little frustrated. Like last week when I was sprinting outside and suddenly my ankle gave out. My achielles tendon has been giving me problems all along, I think walking on the treadmill at a 15% incline and not stretching has something to do with that. But last Thursday, my body said stop and I had to listen. Limping around the gym wasn’t going to help me reach my fitness goals and in fact probably would have hindered them. So, I kept my foot elevated for a couple of days, wore flats and tried to take things easy. But I also easily fell back into old habits of eating comfort food when stressed.

This certainly is NOT helping my plan and this week I am mostly back on it! I keep remembering something that Carlos, the owner of the gym I go to Ultimate Bodies by Carlos said to me. I was on the treadmill knocking out another hour workout and told him “I’m committed” and his response was “The best person to be committed to is yourself!”

Ultimately, my success at meeting my goals is all contingent upon me. My trainer Elle can provide me with guidance and exercises but unless I truly commit to this lifestyle, I will be a failure. And for me, failure has never been an option. So, wonky ankle, tiresome cardio and challenging weight training I’m still committed. And I know my body will thank me for it!

Disclosure: I am recieving personal training from Elle Starr in exchange for sharing my experience with you. All opinion as usual, are my own. 


Darling you look marvelous in my Billy Crystal voice.
I have often used the words, "I should be committed." Not the same meaning, but fun to laugh about while working out and running long.

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