Preserving my heritage

February is Black History month and to celebrate Walmart asked me to share my answer to the following question: How do you preserve the beauty of your heritage? And here is my answer.

My family reunion in the 1990s

Many years ago in the early nineties my family on my paternal side decided that it was important for us to have a family reunion. Like many African American families we now have a reunion bi-annually. The family reunion is an opportunity for family to reconnect over the years. Prior to our very first family reunion there were members of my extended family who I’d never met or met when I was too young to remember them.

Over the years the family reunion has played an important role by providing us with an opportunity to see older relatives and brand new additions to the family. New babies, new spouses and even long lost relatives come from far and near to celebrate our family. Although the majority of our family members live in New York, we hold the celebration in different parts of the country each year and one time the reunion took place on a cruise ship!

I know that I am far from the best when it comes to keeping in touch with people. Although I will say that social media has certainly helped! I see what some of my family is up to between reunions by using facebook. And believe it or not, I was reunited with my aunt and her daughter (my first cousin) on facebook. The last time I saw my cousin she was in my aunt’s belly and many, many years later my aunt found me on facebook. It was absolutely amazing. And most amazing of all, my cousin lives just 30 miles away from me so we met in real life!

I am looking forward to this year’s family reunion because both my aunt and cousin will attend. It is going to be a joyous occasion for all of us to be reunited and everyone will have the opportunity to meet my cousin for the very first time! My family preserves our heritage by holding our family reunion. Walmart wants to know how you do you preserve your heritage 

Disclosure: I am a participant in the Walmart moms program and have recieved compensation for this post.


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