Olympics Craft - Gold Medal

It is that time again, the Winter Olympics are here! I remember watching my first Olympics in my new house with my new baby and now for the first time I’ll be enjoying the competition with my son! To help him better understand the Olympic concept, I decided to do a fun craft with him, making an Olympic Gold Medal. You know we don’t aim for silver or bronze around here, we have to go for the gold baby! When I was asked to make something that was Olympic inspired by Walmart I found this great craft and had to try it.

This was so simple and lots of fun to make. Here are the things you need:

Rolling pin

1.First we rolled some clay into balls by hand.
2.Using a rolling pin, roll ball flat into a circular shape.
3. Draw a circle on the clay. I used a mug for the basic design and free handed a rectangular top for the ribbon.
4. Cut the medal design. I used a kitchen knife (we keep things simple around here).
5. Design your medal. I gave my son a thin paintbrush and he used the top to draw a bubble bee. I just drew some lines. Obviously you can be as creative as you want with this.

6. Let medal dry completely. Mine took about a day to dry but the thicker the medal the longer it will take.
7. Spray paint the medal with gold metallic paint. Let dry.
8 Thread about 1 yard of ribbon through the hole in the medal. Tie and hide knot behind the hole in the medal.

And there you have it! A beautiful keepsake handmade by your child. My son loves his so much that once again he is taking our craft to school to share for show and tell. I think making medals is a great way to help children understand the Olympics and clearly you can make them in all three colors.

I can’t wait for the Opening Ceremony. I plan on starting a new tradition with my son, we will watch it and wear our medals! Do you have any fun Olympic family traditions?


What a great idea for a kids party as well!
Shelly said…
Very cool idea and that little man is getting so big!

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