My Gym workouts are powered by music!

I recently started getting whipped into shape by Elle Star and it has been challenging. In addition to about an hour (sometimes more) of strength training three times a week, I have to put in at least 60 minutes of cardio work 5 times a week. It is intense but I can't tell you how accomplished I feel after I finish. Next week is my birthday and I am still aiming for a 10 pound weight loss. It may not happen but I'm working as hard as possible to get close! 

Admittedly I have been close to tears on a few occasions but I don't give up. I try my hardest to complete all of my reps and attempt (even if I'm not completely successful) new things. For instance, this morning I had to do ab work. This is actually something I am scheduled to do daily but it is difficult. You may remember that last year I had surgery and basically I had a c-section. Since that time I really haven't been working my abs. Which means they are weak and I have to work extra hard on them. Today I was given an ab exercise that I thought might be impossible when Elle demonstrated it for me, but I got my butt up there and tried anyway! 

I look like I'm smiling but that is a grimace of pain!

I am proud to say I completed all of my reps and I've found that I actually like doing this type of ab work over floor work. Wonders never cease! After an hour of legs and shoulders it was time to tackle cardio. And this is where things get tough. My preference is to complete cardio before my strength training but for the past couple of days it has been the opposite. Yesterday I did 45 minutes on a 15% incline and today I pushed it to 60 minutes. 

You may wonder what got me through it and I have to say my music. Nothing helps me more during a workout than music. I can run without music but the workouts I am doing now are pushing me differently and I absolutely need my tunes. The gym music is hit or miss so today I cranked up Pandora and the DMX station. I needed that masculine go get em vibe and it worked! My music was enhanced by my new Relays Sol Republic Everyday Active headphones sent to me by Verizon. They have a great sound and are known for not falling out. I have to say they work. They have varying size ear-buds and I think I might go down a size but I have a selection of 4 sizes. 

My music was great and since they didn't fall out I didn't worry about flying off the back of the treadmill. Yes, this has happened to me in the past and I have a fear of the treadmill but I am conquering it while on my quest for my best body ever! I'll keep you updated on my progress and I'm looking forward to listening to more music with my Relays Sol Republic headphones while using my Nokia Lumia phone! 

Disclosure: I am a receiving complimentary personal training services from Elle Star and I am a Verizon ambassdor. As usual all opinions are my own. 


I'm glad you said that was a grimace of pain because it looked like you were having too much fun LOL.
Look at you kicking it!

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