illuMask Anti Acne light therapy

Acne. It is not something that most people will hear and think of adult women but believe it or not, many of us do suffer from acne. I am a woman with adult acne. And although it may not be readily apparent to most people unless I am having a terrible breakout, acne has been a challenge for me for most of my adult life. And the thing is as a teenager I rarely broke out at all. In college my skin was great too but when I hit graduate school something happened. I suppose it was mild but for me it was major and I immediately saw a dermatologist and she took care of it quickly. With Retin-A and a antibiotic my skin was soon clear and glowing without need of any makeup at all. My skin remained calm for years but I was prone to flares. I’ve been back to see a dermatologist twice for my acne and am currently hoping that it is now clearing up forever. As part of my battle, I have started using illuMask, an anti-acne light therapy mask. I was sent this product by Walmart and was very excited to use it.

For the past 30 days I have been wearing the illuMask for 15 minutes. illuMask utilizes blue light which kills acne-causing bacteria and red light which reduces inflammation, heals breakouts and evens skin tone. When I was a child I had some issues with my scalp and my dermatologist would use blue light therapy to help. I remember wearing glasses while receiving the treatment. Now, with illuMask, I have the treatment in the comfort of my home. It is convenient and I don’t have to think about it, I simply put on the mask, turn it on and sit and watch tv or read until the lights go out.

The controller counts down the number of treatments you have and batteries for the unit are included. The mask has built in glasses that protect your eyes and also keep the mask on. While wearing the mask I experience no discomfort or sensation of any kind. I pretty much just put it on and forget it. Now, I will say that I look like something out of Friday the 13th when I wear it but my son isn’t afraid of me because I put it on after he goes to sleep at night!

I think I look like Jason! 

As far as results from the treatment go, I can say that my very last breakout was approximately a month ago, a few days into starting to use the illuMask. Since that breakout resolved, I have not experienced another even when it was that time of the month! I can’t credit illuMask 100% with my clear skin because I am also under a doctor’s care for my acne but I can say that the illuMask has helped. I was using prescription medication and still breaking out before I started using the illuMask but I think the combination of both light therapy and a prescription is working well for me. My plan is to continue to use it to help my skin tone even out and keep away the acne causing bacteria. One of the biggest selling points for me is that not only is illuMask effective but it is only $29.97 for one month of treatment, which is considerably less expensive than my prescription medication!

Overall I am totally satisfied with my results from illuMask and am looking forward to a few months down the line when my skin is both clear and hyperpigmentation free. Check out my video below to see the illuMask in action!


Alll Talk said…
Girl let's not even talk about acne. It's something I thought I would only have as teen but noooooo, it followed me into my 40's. Now with a healthier diet it has finally..FINALLY gone. Maybe one or two here and there during that time of the month. Glad you found something that works for you, but you look so beautiful anyway. I've never noticed acne on you.
Anonymous said…
I have to try this when my skin flats up. Cool!
Anonymous said…
wish you would have reviewed the mask without use of the acne meds. you really cannot say what actually worked, not truthfully.
Anonymous said…
thank you for sharing your illuMask experience with your audience. Glad to hear you enjoyed the results.

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