Women's sctivewear for all sizes!

One of the things that have been the highlight of my blogging life has been my chronicling of my 50 pound weight loss. Blogging provided me with accountability and sharing my struggle, I believe, also helped others because if I can do it, anyone can. It did take a few tries before I actually became focused and committed to weight loss. As a matter of fact, it was three times before I got into a routine that stuck. And here I am almost four years later, still working on maintaining my weight loss and living a healthy life. One thing that has remained constant is my love of affordable workout gear. I remember the very outfit I purchased when I was my largest, size 16 Danskin pants and a t-shirt, both from Walmart. At the time I was not invested in spending a lot of money for clothes that I didn’t plan on spending much time in (losing weight I’d need smaller clothes) and the clothes from Danskin fit the bill.

Four years later (and many many pounds lighter), I still love the affordability of Danskin and own a mix and match of active wear from the line. That is one of the wonderful things about Danskin active wear , no matter what size you wear, the clothes are fashionable.  This is important because so often plus sized fashions are not available or simply are not attractive!

Since it is the new year and I know there are many people interesting in committing to healthy living, I was thrilled when asked by Walmart to shop in activewear and share my finds. All of the clothing that I purchased is available up to a size 3X and everything is under $15.00!

For $35.00 I was able to purchase a pair of semi-fitted performance pants ($14.98), a fitted performance tee ($8.96) and my favorite, the 1/4 zip knit pullover top. All of the items are made with dri-more technology and since I am a person who “glistens” when I work out this is really important for me. The clothes are extraordinarily comfortable and I can easily go from working out to running errands if necessary. And quite frankly, if you see me around town, I am more often than not sporting activewear so looking good is important!  

The aspect of the zip top I like the most is the thumb holes. I can use them on days when it is a little chilly and because of the lightweight nature I can easily use it as a layering piece if I decide to run outside. And the color is awesome. The performance tee is long sleeved, so again great for layering. And the pants are so comfortable I enjoy simply wearing them around the house. Remember these are semi-fitted so if you are looking for pants to “keep things in place” when working out, these are not the ones for you. But they are great for yoga and general workouts. I’d probably not wear them for running because I like to wear compression gear on my legs during runs.

Overall, I am very pleased with the selection of Danskin activewear available at Walmart. For the quality and value, I highly recommend Danskin.


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