Winter Wonderland Wardrobe!

The weather this winter has been CRAZY! Most places in the US were treated to the fabulous (not) Polar Vortex last week. Now, that was ridiculous! My son and I were fortunately able to get out of New York before the snow on January 2nd but heading south did not save us from the Polar Vortex last week. My son was home from school an additional day because of the bitter cold. When I woke up Tuesday morning and checked the weather it was 6 degrees and the wind chill made it feel like 9 degrees below zero! Totally unheard of weather conditions here in what used to be HotLanta but could more aptly be named IceLanta. After the brisk conditions of the early part of the week it started warming up which was a relief but Friday night we were hit with crazy thunderstorms and I woke Saturday to TORNADO warnings!  TORNADO! I still distinctly recall the tornadoes that touched down here in 2008 so I was glued to my television and prepared to take cover. By mid-morning the severe weather passed, no tornados and by 1 pm it was an unseasonably warm day, full of sunshine and brilliant blue skies!

Clearly the weather here is unpredictable but I am refuse to be caught off guard again. You never know when the next cold front will hit and I am choosing to be prepared. My son is covered with warm hats, gloves and a heavy winter coat. I have been wearing my trusty leather jacket and have some coats in my closet but decided I needed a fashionable update so I decided to take a trip to Walmart to see what I could add to my winter wardrobe. I was given a $25.00 gift card to shop with and I bet you’ll be surprised with what I came up with!

I purchased a Faded Glory packable polyfill jacket (usually $10 but I purchased it on clearance for $7.00). I do own both full and short jacket puffer coats but they are really bulky. This foldable jacket can be easily packed up for both traveling and when I’m ready to put it away for storage after the winter (which I’m hoping will pass quickly). Although it might not be suitable for sub-zero weather, it is a good weight for our “regular” winter days in Georgia. I always layer in the winter so this works well for me. I also really like the color - who says I can be warm and fashionable at the same time??

I’ve found that because I’m a naturally hot person (warm blooded, although I guess I might be considered hot too! LOL) my body will stay warm but my hands are always cold. I decided to also purchase winter white double layer gloves to keep my hands toasty for $7.98. I topped off the ensemble with a matching scarf priced at $9.98. I’m certainly ready for the weather now. And I think I look cute as a snow bunny in the entire outfit! Personally I’ve never hit the slopes but perhaps 2014 is my year!


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