Dollar Menu and More

This is a sponsored post

With the hustle of bustle of the holidays it may be difficult to get a hot meal on the table. Shopping and preparation all contribute to the limits on time. When you are out and about you might want to consider one of the items from the McDonald's Dollar menu and more. This menu gives you options ranging from $1.00 - $5.00, this is especially good for when you are being cost conscious! The items include Buffalo Ranch chicken and sharable chicken mcnuggets. My mom and my son have been known to enjoy mcnuggets so that is something they can enjoy. I will stick to a side salad or one of my favorites, the fruit n' yogurt parfait. And if you are out for breakfast you can enjoy a small premium roast coffee or hashbrowns. 

All I know that having the Dollar menu and more provides options for those busy days when preparing a meal at home is simply not going to happen! 


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