DIY Christmas Teacher's Gift - Peppermint Hot Chocolate {recipe}

For most parents this is the last week of school and I’m sure many of us are scrambling to find a Teacher’s Gift that is not simply a mug! Well, I have a treat for you that is practical, easy to make and quite affordable! Peppermint Hot Chocolate in a reusable mason jar. I know what you are thinking, mason jar??? But yes, this no ordinary Mason jar! It is made by Aladdin (this link is 20oz but I used 16 oz, purchased for $4.98) and is more like a water bottle that holds both hot and cold beverages and is insulated. I was first introduced to mine when I traveled to Arkansas for the Walmart holiday trip in October and I fell in love. I bring it with me everywhere and people always want to know where I got it.

I know I’d love to receive one as a gift especially when filled with several cups of mix to make peppermint hot chocolate. It is so delicious and easy to make! Here is what you need and I guarantee your child’s teacher, crossing guard or whoever else you want to give a nice holiday gift will appreciate it!


tag template (or you can make your own)
Click image to print template
Card Stock (I used green and found it in the office section)

Hot chocolate
Instant hot chocolate (I  made 3 so I purchased a large can with 39 servings)
Mini Candy canes
Bakers chocolate

Place 1/2  cup hot chocolate in mason jar. Add one ounce of chopped Baker’s Chocolate. Add candy canes. I used about 6 or 7 it doesn’t matter if they are crushed.
Layer marshmallows on top to fill jar.
Print out direction label, punch hole and thread with ribbon.
Tie ribbon around mason jar.

Your gift is ready to go!

Check out my video to see all of the steps. It is so quick and easy, recruit your kids to help!


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