Unexpected Gift from Walmart

I love sparkly things! But really, what girl doesn't? And this ring completely fits the bill! I was sent this ring as a sample preview item from the Walmart holiday jewelry gift collection. That’s right, this beautiful ring is from Walmart! I must admit that for a long time I was totally unaware that Walmart sold diamond jewelry. And even when I learned about it I was a bit skeptical but ventured into my local store to see the jewelry in person after seeing a photo online.

Before making jewelry purchases, I like to handle the baubles to see if the quality is up to par for me. About four years ago, I decided to purchase a diamond pendant for my mom after seeing it in the store and really liking what I saw. In this instance, it was a purchase that was made totally outside of the Walmart mom program and not only was I impressed but my mother was too when I told her where I purchased it! The pendant and necklace are still looking great and my mom continues to receive compliments when she wears it.

Given my personal experience with diamond jewelry as a gift, I was excited when I learned I’d been sent a diamond ring. Once again, I am not disappointed with the quality. As a matter of fact, I absolutely love the ring! I was sent the Keepsake Christmas 2013 1/2 carat total weight Round Diamond sterling silver ring.  It is absolutely stunning! It has the look of a three diamond cluster ring and it certainly sparkles! It is described as an engagement ring but I think it can be worn as a regular ring. Although in my photo I am wearing it on my left hand (it was easier to shoot the photo that way), when I wear it, the ring is on my right hand.

I tell you people are in total shock when I tell them it is from Walmart! The ring was originally priced at $198.00 but is currently on rollback for $148.00. I think this would be a very nice gift for someone this holiday season, I know it was a wonderful surprise for me! I haven’t had it long enough to make an assessment about the longevity of the ring but if it is anything like my mother’s pendant, I know I have nothing to worry about. Her pendant and necklace look good as new 4 years after purchase.

Although this product and others similar may not be available in your local store, be sure to check Walmart.com for more jewelry options. I’m sure you will be surprised!


Anonymous said…
Are you still satisfied with this product? I am considering getting this as a gift for someone, but I am unsure if I will because some of the reviews on walmart.com have left me with some doubts. Some have left good reviews, and some have left not so good reviews. I just want your opinion of this product and how long it has lasted.
Renee Ross said…
I actually still wear this ring and it continues to sparkle. I however, do not wear it daily and I keep it in the box when I am not wearing it. I hope this helps!

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