Sponsored Post - McCafe Winter Wonderland Contest @McDonaldsATL #McCafe #MomentsofWonder

The brisk days of November are upon us. Well, maybe NOT so brisk in Atlanta which is one of the major factors when I considered moving from New York. The cold blustery winters of the North are something I could do without and my memories of college were filled less with snow and cold and more with abnormally warm temperatures! I can remember one year visiting Atlanta after college and celebrating the New Year here. It was literally hot and humid, I didn't even need a coat outside watching the Peach drop (yes we drop a peach, in a city with more Peachtree Streets than I can count on one hand what do you expect?)! 

Despite our warm temperatures in the South, we are thankfully not excluded from the hot goodness that are special McCafe drinks at McDonald's celebrating the season! The newest edition is the White Chocolate Mocha which is made from 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified espresso with white chocolate flavor, steamed milk and whipped cream. Totally indulgent and I'd say totally good! If you are watching those calories, you have the option of enjoying it with non-fat milk and no whipped cream. But I say sometimes you just gotta indulge! 

McDonald's recognizes that some cities just are not "wintery" and they are currently holding a contest to provide a "Winter Wonderland" to a city in a warmer climate, complete with White Chocolate Mochas and snow! Atlanta is one of the cities and you all you have to do is vote by simply using the hashtag #Moments of Wonder from now until November 22. Tweet your vote and help Atlanta win! I'll mention the other cities just to be fair:San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Austin, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Miami, Tampa but of course ATLANTA for the win!  


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