Holiday Gift - Monster Ntune Candy Colours Headphones

I truly enjoy music. When I hear a song that was current during a particular period in my life it brings back fond memories, almost like having my own life playlist. I generally listen to music when I am in my car on my various travels around town and when I am running.  My headphone needs are catered to sports earbuds that I can use without sweating out the connection! On a recent Walmart trip when given the choice to try sports or over ear headphones I decided to try the Monster N-Credible N-Tune over ear headphones. I wanted to listen to the sound quality compared to simply utilizing my computer speakers or earbuds with my phone mpg player. I admit that I’ve owned one other pair of over ear headphones that I used when traveling and sometimes at home but unfortunately the quality was not there and I actually ended up breaking them!

The Monster headphones I tried are a pretty purple (my favorite color) and are from the Candy Colours collection which includes colors like orange, red, and of course my purple. Cute! But aside from the look, the true test for me was both durability and sound quality. The Monster N-Credible N-Tune headphones design was influenced by Nick Canon and if you don’t know, Monster is the company that originated the sound that was used in the early versions of Beats by Dre.

Although my experience with over ear headphones is limited, I am quite impressed with the heavy bass sound of the Monster headphones. I currently have a playlist full of classic songs by A Tribe Called Quest and it sounds absolutely amazing. I think these headphones are ideal for listening to rap music but quite frankly sounds good with all music, as I’ve also listened to R&B artists like Fantasia and love the way it sounds!

As I mentioned, I used the headphones for travel and as demonstrated on my trip to Walmart by the Monsters representative, you can twist and turn them without fear of breakage. This is great for me but also is a wonderful aspect if you have children who may be a little rough on electronic goods. No worries! Another great aspect is that you can share the sound by connecting another set of headphones to this one. Ideal for car drives when multiple children want to watch a show on a DVD player or computer together. If all of the children have Monster headphones, up to four of them can share the music at one time!

For protection when not in use, a pouch is included as well as a polishing cloth to keep your headphones in pristine condition. Overall, I am extremely happy with both the sound quality and durability and highly recommend this gift for the audiophiles among your family and friends! The Monster NCredible N-tune Candy colours collection are currently available at Walmart on rollback for $79.95, a great discount from the usual price of $129.95.


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