Winter Running Gear at Walmart!

All dolled up in Ragnar orange courtesy of Walmart

The Fall running season is in full gear! It is hard to believe that just 10 days ago I embarked on the most challenging race of my life, the 199 Ragnar Relay. I along with my best running friend Lorraine joined a team of 12 and ran 3 legs each on the journey from Cumberland, MD to Washington, DC. To date, it is the race I am most proud of and it was even harder than the marathon! Admittedly, this might have to do with the fact that I was as well trained as I could have been but quite frankly, running in a 99 degree heat index, 100 percent humidity up a mountain is nothing to sneeze at! You can read all about my entire team's adventure on Another Mother Runner.  

Now that I am a Ragnarian and in anticipation of the weather changing to Fall temperatures, I’ve decided that for this rest of the year and during the winter I will continue running. I do not have a specific race in mind but I am committed and also want to incorporate strength training into my routine so this is a perfect time to do it! I will be able to crosstrain without putting too much of a physical toll on my body.

To get my wardrobe ready for the cooler months, I was provided with a $40.00 giftcard for Walmart. I am here to tell you that Walmart will surprise you. Generally speaking running gear is on the expensive side and shelling out a couple hundred dollars for quality running gear is easy. But I suggest you take a trip to Walmart. I have been running in their gear for at least a year now and am extremely happy with both the prices and the quality.

I picked up a few essentials. First, a loose women’s track jacket by Danskin Now. This jacket is great for rainy days and also days when the temperatures drop low. I can wear this while warming up for a run or on a drive to running meet-ups. If it were extremely cold I might run the entire time with it on or just remove it once my body was warmed up. This jacket is $11.96.

Next I chose the loose tee from the Danskin Now Performance collection. I like the bright color and I know this fabric works well with me when I run because I also own a long sleeve version that I wear on rainy days for a little protection from the elements. This is a great tee with a price of $5.96!

And the next essential element for a running wardrobe are leggings. I like the snug fit of the Danskin Now fitted Performance Leggings. It is made with Dri More material which is wicking and has built in odor control. These pants also have a hidden pocket in the waistband which I can use to hold my license and health insurance card when I am running. The leggings are $11.96

Finally, I added a long sleeve crew in leopard print by Cuddl Duds. Technically this is not running gear and is actually warm underwear. However, it is perfect for cold winter days on runs because it is made from stretch microfiber, has wicking fabric and is lightweight. I can wear it alone or as a top layer over a tank and I’ll be warm and comfortable on runs. This top was $9.96.

As you can see, if you are looking for affordable running gear, Walmart is the place to go. I’m sure most will be surprised but if you are looking for staples for your wardrobe, I suggest stopping by your local Walmart!


Bari said…
Great post Renee. I'd never think to try walmart for running gear.
Anonymous said…
You have the best tips and know how to style that running wear.

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