Shea Moisture Natural Hair and Body products {Review}

One of the things that is challenging about having natural hair (by natural I mean my hair is not chemically treated to be straight) is finding the right products. I have kept my hair natural for over twenty years and the quest for products that work well with my hair is ongoing. Sometimes I find a product that works but the company changes the formula and I also think over time hair changes too. I will say that I with more and more women of the African diaspora choosing to wear natural styles, the natural hair care market has expanded exponentially. This has benefits but also a downside. More options means more things to try and constant wondering if the next product is better than the one I am currently using. And quite frankly, spending a good amount of money on a products that don’t work is not fun. One way I’ve found to keep my costs at bay is by shopping at Walmart. On a trip to Bentonville, I learned that they have a pretty extensive natural hair care selection and I was sent the Shea Moisture line to try out.

On my own, I’ve been using the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. I really like the scent, Coconut & Hibiscus and it is a fairly thick and heavy cream with coconut oil, silk protein & Neem oil. It is for thick and curly hair and is said to provide moisture, body and shine. Over the past year I’ve used it occasionally but my hair is EXTREMELY dry and for me it hasn’t provided the level of moisture that I need. I still use it because it is a good product, just not great for me. I was thrilled to try out the entire Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus line so that I can see exactly what works for me.

I am already a fan of the shampoo and conditioner but was surprised to learn that they now have a co-wash - a conditioner used to cleanse hair instead of utilizing shampoo. Although I still like the shampoo and conditioner, the cowash is a better choice for me. I’ve also found my personal winning combination! 

My favorite product is the Curl & Style milk, I use this on my damp hair after washing. I add a little curl enhancing smoothie and top it off with a little curling gel souffle. I do this in sections as I two strand twist my hair. I keep my hair twisted usually overnight but sometimes for a few days. When I release the twists my hair stays tame and over the course of a few days gets bigger and has more body. After every shower I add a little of the Frizz Free Curl mousse and curl milk to retain moisture.

But the Shea Moisture line is not just for the hair. I was pleasantly surprised to learn about the body care products which I use religiously! Like the hair products they are coconut and hibiscus scented. I have to tell you that I absolutely love smelling like this scent from head to toe. It is light and airy and makes me smile! I am currently using the Foaming Milk and Body Wash for my shower. I follow my shower by moisturizing my skin with the Bath, Body and Massage oil. I top that off with the Body Butter which is nice and thick, just want my dry skin needs!

Shea moisture also has a Hibiscus and coconut bar soap which I’ll use when my shower wash is done, in addition they have an African black soap which I plan on using on my acne prone facial skin when I done with the soap I’m currently using.

Overall, I am extremely happy with the Shea Moisture line. It is made from all natural products that are good for my body and my hair. I certainly will continue to use this line of natural care products! And who would have thought they are available at Walmart?!!!


I've found that cream works better than gel for me. I do a flat twist out and love it. It has grown considerably and so healthy. I've been natural now for about six years.

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