Quick Weeknight Meal

I have frequently mentioned that my son is a picky eater. However as he gets older he becomes more receptive to actually trying different foods even if he inevitably doesn’t like it. This week we were sent Gorton’s Artisan fish fillets to try and I must admit that I did not hold my breath about him trying or liking them. They are very simple to prepare, just heat the oven to 425 and cook for 19 minutes. You can of course add any sides you like for a quick and easy meal with very minimal mess.

Today I baked some fillets, tried them myself and liked both the Roasted Garlic and Italian Herb flavor and Southwest Tortilla flavor. The coating was nice and crispy and quite tasty. I asked my son if he’d be willing to try them and to my surprise he obliged me. He was partial to the Italian Garlic fillet and ate the entire thing! Now I have a new item to keep on rotation that I know both my son and I can eat together. Since I frequently prepare two meals - one for me and one for him - it is nice to have an option that we can both enjoy.

I think the Gorton’s Artisan Fillets are ideal for evenings when you are short on time and unable to prepare a homemade meal. But I also think I’ll be serving them to him for lunch on weekends or days when he is out of school and I need to work without taking a long time to prepare a midday meal. The Gorton’s Artisan fillets are available at your local Walmart for $3.99 which equates to .78 cents a serving.


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