Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just a few short weeks away and everyone in my house is ready. I have to admit that as a kid Halloween was kinda fun but I don’t remember putting much thought into my costumes. I can only recall a few costumes. I was Casper the Friendly Ghost (yes, I’m aging myself and for those of you who don’t know Casper was a cartoon) in Pre-K and in middle school I was a cat. Being a cat is hilarious because I am not a cat person but it was the easiest costume to make. I also remember going to a costume party in high school but I don’t think it was for Halloween, I think it was for Sweet 16 birthday that fell around this time of the year. In any event, I was dressed as Tina Turner, short leather skirt, wig and all. I wish I had a photo because I was truly bringing it that year!

Fast forward to adulthood. I did not put a costume on again until my son was 3 and now it has become an annual tradition that I look forward to. We trick or treat together and have a ball last year we were both Super Heros. And my costume, without fail has always been from Walmart. My first year purchasing a costume I looked all over the place for my costume and I found the best price and quality on Walmart.com. In subsequent years, I’ve been lucky as a Walmart mom to have a costume courtesy of Walmart.

I am generally only responsible for my own costume because my mother always purchases my son’s outfit. She has been doing this since he was 8 months old and the tradition continues. This year without any prodding from me, she found his Zombie Pirate costume on Walmart.com and had it sent to our house. I love my son’s costume, not only is it comprised of two of his favorite things - Pirates and zombies, it also has an eye that lights up! Not bad for the price of $19.97! Since a sword was not included, I visited my local Walmart and purchased one for just $1.97!

My son and I took the trip to our Walmart together to browse the costume options available in store for me and  I let him choose it for me.  This year I’m wearing a purple Gothic Witch costume
The Good Witch

This costume is so cute and for $24.84 it fit right into my $25.00 budget! I also purchased some additional elements to my witch costume. Everyone tells me that a witch is supposed to be ugly but um, not this witch! My plan is to follow in the steps of Glenda the Good Witch and be PRETTY! I found a couple of accessories - a spider necklace and skull earrings to add some sparkle. At just $3.00 each I had to jump on them because other places were priced much higher.

In store I also found these great lip purple lip tattoos with fishnets to match my purple costume (did I mention purple is my favorite color?).  And since I’m wearing fishnets under my dress the lips will be very complementary! I also picked out some nice purple lashes, yes! I will be bringing the DIVA to my costume! I haven’t put the entire look together yet but but hopefully you enjoyed the sneak peek!

I am so excited about dressing up with my son. I’m just sad that I’ll only be able to do so once this year. Last year I had 3 different costumes! I’ve scaled down a lot! Since I enjoy dressing up so much I may very well have a costume party at my home in the near future because everyone loves to play dress up, right?

Do you and your family dress for Halloween? What do you wear?


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