Halloween Craft - How to make Puffy Paint

It’s hard to believe that Halloween is right around the corner! Next thing you know we will be turning around and it will be New Year’s Eve! In the meantime, my son and I are busy doing some fun things both in and outside of the house. This week we did a craft at home that we both really enjoyed. We made puffy paint with materials that you generally can find at home or easily pick up at Walmart like we did. This is a very simple craft that can provide a lot of fun for you and your family.

Materials You Need:

School Glue
Shaving cream
Food coloring in Fall shades - orange, black, red and/or yellow
Paint pallets or paper plates

1. Place equal amounts of glue and shaving cream in your paint pallet or on paper plate.
2. Mix well.

3. Add small amount of food color of your choice to your “paint” until you reach desired color. For instance - if you want grey, use a tiny amount of black food color. Continue to add more to make an intense black.

This is perhaps the easiest and most fun craft my son and I have done together. He actually helped to make the paint and that made it even more fun for him. Since Halloween is around the corner all of the art we made had that theme. He was very enthusiastic about the pumpkin which was basic enough for me to draw free hand. But when he asked for a black cat, that took a little more work.

I searched for online tutorials on how to draw black cats and found a pretty easy one. As I was drawing the cat my son watched for a few minutes, would run off to play and return to watch my progress. When I almost reached completion he let me know that I could have the honor of painting the cat. He helped me mix the paint colors and let me do my thing with a little supervision!
I have to admit I am pretty happy with the puffy paint result considering drawing and painting a black cat was not what I expected to do. I am sure when you make the puffy paint you can find printables to paint but I took the more complicated route and am actually happy I did!

I hope that you find this craft as much fun as I did. And let me know if you find some fun printables!


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