Ragnar Relay DC

In just 3 weeks I’ll be on another running adventure, one that I’ve never experienced before and am both fearful and excited about. I will be running the DC Ragnar Relay. What is that? Oh, simply a 198 mile run from Maryland to DC with 12 runners on the team each running 3 legs. Over a 30 or more hour period. And I am proudly a member of Team Sarah aka Team Badass Mother Runners! Several months ago my friends Sarah and Dimity of Another Mother Runner (authors of Run Like a Mother and Train Like a Mother) decided to have a battle Team Sarah and Team Dimity for the DC Ragnar relay. The members of the team were chosen from readers who submitted entries. Of course, when I saw the contest I enlisted my Best Running Buddy Lorraine to enter with me (If you don’t know I am always the mastermind behind our running adventures). We submitted this video and were chosen for Team Sarah.

Fast forward. I’ve received great gear from Saucony - an entire outfit and running shoes to boot which I love and have been training in.

And both teams will be running in tutus as we kill (aka pass) other runners. I have no high expectations of killing anyone, my first leg is 7.9 miles primarily uphill, at elevation and defined by Ragnar as Very Hard. I’m quite sure many runners will pass me in my tutu but I’ll just get joy from “killing the hill!”

I will admit my training has not been the best, my fear has held me back a bit but today I proved to myself that I can do anything I put my mind to doing. You see, last night was a very good night. I went to the Jimmy Carter Center and attended the CNN Dialogues Modern Marchers: Lessons from the Front Line of Social Change and later I attended Janelle Monae’s album release party. Several drinks were imbibed, very little sleep was had, there was dancing and a whole lot of fun! When I woke this morning the LAST thing I wanted to do was run. But I also don’t want to let my team down. So, I put on my big girl clothes and ran.
Me smiling post slighty hungover run

BEST RUN EVER! It didn’t start that way, my pants were literally falling off my ass - sorry to the few who got that particular view but I hiked them up properly and ran. Without stopping. I just ran. And I feel better for it. I’ve been a lazy runner and have been doing a lot of walking and not in a good way. Today I pulled up my pants and ran, sleep deprived and all. I’ve proven to myself that despite my own self doubts even under the worst conditions I can perform. And so for the rest of my training period I will give 100% and on race day I’ll give it 110% and truly prove that I deserve to carry the team name - Bad Ass Mother Runner!


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