Glow Pets

My son developed a slight fear of the dark at some point and to combat that I've looked for things that will light up to keep him company during the night.  At some point when he visited his grandma he was introduced to Glow Pets - pillows that light up! Of course, grandma wanted to oblige him and send a Glow Pet but in the interim there was a long list of things ahead of said Glow Pet that she was sending. Luckily for me, I was contacted to try out a Glow Pet and I immediately said yes! We were sent a penguin and as you can see from the photo my son absolutely loves it. On the day the penguin arrived, it was like Christmas because Grandma had also sent him the purple seal GlowPet that he requested from her. 

There are several things that I like about the Glow Pets, the lights do not heat up at all so there is no fear of burns. You can set the timer for automatic shut off and if my son wakes in the middle of the night and wants company he can simply press the paw for more light. And the GlowPets are extremely comfortable. I know this from personal experience because almost every morning my so brings the GlowPets to my room so that I can snuggle with one before we get ready for school! 

There are 10 different varieties of Glow Pets and if you have a child who is afraid of the dark or just wants a furry friend I highly recommend the GlowPets. And just so you  know, each GlowPet is priced at $29.99. 


Moo has been driving me crazy about getting a Glow Pet. I think that we're going to surprise her and get her one for her birthday!
Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness - I had a glow worm when I was a kid!! This brings me back!!!!!!

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