Top 5 apps for Verizon Nokia Lumia Windows Phone #vwbuzz

My fully customized Nokia Lumia homescreen

I am totally and completely in love with my Nokia Lumia 928 Verizon phone. I still have not explored every aspect of my phone but this iPhone enthusiast has been converted! Admittedly, compared to iPhones and androids the number of apps available for windows phones are not as extensive but being a newer platform this is to be expected. And quite frankly, new apps are being added every day and it has not hindered me from doing the things that are important for me. Since I am a social media queen, the apps that are highest on my priority list are the ones that keep me in touch with the world.

As you can see from my personally fully customized screen, my favorite apps are right at my fingertips. First up, Instance. Instance is the app that I have been using to keep up with instagram. I am able to post to both twitter and facebook with this app and can use both photos and videos. I have been using this app consistently but just last week a new app called 6tag became available as another alternative for instagram. It has been rumored that by year end, instagram will actually be available for Windows.

Next of course is facebook. I utilize the facebook app consistently. Like the facebook app on my iPhone it can sometimes be a little slow but overall I am happy with the app. And sometimes, if I simply want to do a quick status update I’ll simply use ME on my phone which is linked with my facebook account and provides me with notifications from facebook too.

Skype is another one of my favorites. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy having the ability to skype on the run using the GREAT camera on my phone! I’ve bee able to catch up with my friends while at a coffee shop, randomly when I least expect it and it is so nice to see faces when I otherwise might just text. Because for me, using my phone is one of my last resorts! As it should be when I can see a face instead of simply hearing a voice!

The app that I absolutely love is NFL Mobile from Verizon. I am a big fan of the New York Giants and I am able to watch televised games right on my phone! And if I can’t watch, I will get alerts about the score, if my team is in the redzone and of course the final score. I’ve already been using this app in pre-Season but just a few more days and the regular season will be in full effect! I. Cannot. Wait!

Finally, I’m not quite sure if it qualifies as an app - as strange as it may seem, I am not the most tech savvy person around - I am enamored with the Nokia Here Drive +. This provides with me turn by turn navigation, gives me the ability to save my favorite routes and even has an extension which will bring up my commute (if I had one) with real time traffic and alternate routes. I use Nokia Here Drive + on a daily basis and can’t imagine trying to navigate without it!

So there you have it! My top five app for my Nokia Lumia Windows phone. Do you have any favorites? Please share, I’d love to explore my phone even more!

Disclosure: I am a Verizon Lifestyle Blogger and am sent phones to use in my every day life. All opinions as usual are my own. 


I don't have a Lumia Windows Phone but a good friend of mine just got one so I'll definitely share this with her. Thanks, Renee!

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