Step Up Dance Workout Back To School Routine {video}

My son has been back in school for two weeks now and we are just starting to get back into a routine. He is still adjusting to first grade, having a full day of school without nap time has been challenging but we are working on getting into a rhythm. Balancing longer school days with after school activities takes some time for a young 6 year old but I know he can do it. A back to school routine is not only just an adjustment for my son but it is for me too. Over the summer I have been admittedly more lax about exercising. I usually utilize morning time while my son is in school to exercise and over the summer I didn’t have that time and failed to devise a routine for myself to get it in.

Now that school is in session, I have no excuse not to exercise but like my son have faced challenges getting back into the routine. My go to exercise is usually running and I’ve found it that if I take my son to school drop off while wearing my running clothes, my morning exercise is completed before I start working for the day. For me this means laying out my clothing before I go to bed because trying to identify my running outfit and get my son together in the morning is quite difficult for me.

Some days I am not successful but I decided to add an alternative that will help me exercise even if I don’t lace up my running shoes. I enjoy mixing up my exercise routine and on a recent trip to Walmart, I decided to try Step Up Revolution Dance workout. Anyone who knows me well is fully aware of my addiction to dance. I suppose that is one of the reasons I become a certified Zumba instructor. The Step Up Revolution Dance workout incorporates 4 Hip-Hop and Latin Dance routines based on moves seen in the Step Up Revolution movie. I reviewed my experience on video which you can check out here -

Trying this workout has taken me out of my comfort zone. I am a social dancer and can quickly pick up moves that I see, however, actually remembering a cheorographed dance routine is something that does not come easily for me. The Step Up Revolution workout routines are led by Bryan Tanaka and Micki Duran. They take you through the movements slowly and after putting together an entire routine, you dance to music from the film. My favorite workout is the Latin Hip-Hop Fusion because I am already familiar with many of the moves used and I just totally rocked out in the dance.

Hip Hop on the other hand was a lot more difficult for me. Each of the 4 dance workouts range from 18  - 24 minutes and you can focus on just one or do them all for a great workout. I think after utilizing this DVD for a week or so the movements will come second nature. And of course, even if you are not a dancer, you can rewind and practice to your hearts desire, while burning calories! As a bonus, a free subscription for Fitness magazine is included with the purchase of the Step Up Revolution Dance Workout which is $9.04 at Walmart.

For my back to school routine, working out in the morning after school drop off is most effective for me and now I have several options for my workouts!


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