Disney Infinity

My son and I have been anticipating the release of Disney Infinity since I first learned about it at the Disney Social Media Moms event back in May. At that time we were given two figures, Mr. Incredible and Mike Wozkowski that can be used to play the video game. My son was elated and wanted to immediately play with the physical characters while waiting for release of the video game. I was again introduced to the game when as visiting Bentonville as a Walmart mom and was told that I’d be given Disney Infinity to review when it was released, SCORE!

Now that we have been playing the game for a few days, my son and I are blown away by it. Of course, being Disney we had high expectations but this game has so many ways to play it will keep us interested for a very long time. We can utilize the Play Sets which include: Monsters University, Cars, The Incredibles, Pirates of the Carribean and the Lone Ranger. To date we have played with Monsters U, The Incredibles and Pirates of the Carribean. In each Play Set, we take on the environment as a character from movie. For instance, in Monsters U my son is Sully and in The Incredibles he is Mr. Incredible. We have had a ball exploring the world together, customizing characters by utilizing the “Toy Box” and completing the missions.

screenshot from The Incredibles playset

We have five of the figures available - Jack Sparrow, Mater, Scully, Mr. Incredible, and Mike Wacoski and my son is already asking for more. I am keeping me eye on the Walmart website because specials for the figures have been popping up and I don’t want to miss out on deep discounts!

There is also a mode of play where you can design your own world and the game helps you learn how to utilize it. It guides you with the editing tool and also gives you points for completing tasks. This was helpful because my son learned how to navigate and use the controller for when he was playing in Play Set mode.  One thing to note if you have a younger child, it is important to be there to guide the play because it does require some reading and my son is a new reader so he sometimes likes to skip or even misses the directions. I am there to help him understand his missions and how to work the controller.

We are having a ball playing with Disney Infinity and look forward to trying out new Play Sets, adding figures and using the power disks  - add ons that provide characters with more powers. We haven’t explored this yet so we have hours of play ahead of us. We are playing on our XBox but Disney Infinity is available on all video platforms. If you can wait, this will make a great holiday gift but if you are like me you’ll want to play immediately and I will be adding on characters for Christmas - if we can wait that long!


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