Blissful Benefits Bra for the "Girls"

I have never been accused of having small "girls" and when I say girls I am referring to my breasts. My girls reached their full potential when I was a young teenager and ever since I have been on a search for the perfect fitting bras that will not break the bank! You see, I wear a size 34 DD which is not the  most common size and I frequently have to order my bras online to ensure the perfect fit and am often paying upward of $40.00 for my bras. 

I was intrigued when contacted as a Walmart mom to try a bra by Warners that is available exclusively at the store. I knew it would certainly be available for under $40.00 and I hoped that the fit would be great. I was sent the Blissful Benefits t-Shirt underwire bra and I must admit that when they say Blissful, they aren't kidding! This bra has underwire that is covered in cotton and satin and makes it extraordinarily comfortable. I am too modest to show you my girls in the bra only but you can see the fit from the stock photo and also how the girls are "holding up" lol, in my photos. 

I am actually in love with this bra.  And although the size I am wearing is a 36D because my 34DD is not available, it provides me with lift, comfort and most importantly the support that I am looking for in a great bra! I am hoping to stock up on more of these bras because quite frankly I love them. If you are like me and have "girls" that are on the larger size, I think you will really like the Blissful Benefits bras by Warners too! 


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